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Ive been kicking around blogging again, really, its something I shouldve been doing all along and I wish I had.  So maybe 2015 is the year.  I changed the blog title because the keyboard on my laptop really is broken and so a few keys dont work at all.  Youll notice the missing apostrophes for one….lol.  Oh well, if I didnt move forward every time something else broke around here, well, you know, I wouldnt be living.  So new blog title?  I dont know if it will stay, heck, I dont even know if I will even stick with blogging but I hope so.  Here we go.  My quotation marks dont work either and I think I miss them even more than the apostrophe.


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Nah, I didn’t intend for the bike to be out of focus….hey, the bricks look good lol. Maybe I’ll go back and take a better picture, maybe I won’t. It doesn’t really matter at this point. Things are a bit out of focus for me these days anyway so I guess the picture fits my thoughts.

I can’t help but feel like I’m going backwards these days or am at the very least am in limbo, waiting.

Fuzzy or not, the bike reminds me of one I had as a kid. It was also vintage (I think from the 50’s) also red with white detailing. I remember loving it so. It had been my Uncle’s, my Mom’s and then mine. Truth be told it is probably in my Grandparent’s shed somewhere since they don’t really get rid of anything. You know, just in case.

I’ve heard that there is beauty in our mistakes so here it is, a photography mistake making me reflect on my fuzzy future. But I got out of bed, I took out my camera. Life and learning goes on.


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Shooting Project 52 – Week 1

As part of that whole resolution thing, #2 Nurturing Oneself, I’ve joined a couple photography challenges.  The goal is to keep shooting and learning along with the ever present honoring my creativity.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  I don’t think I’m creative and I’m even ok with that.

Let’s see how many weeks I make it through……

For P-52, Week 1 – Self Portrait, I give you:  Wednesday


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What are resolutions anyway?  I can’t speak for you BUT I can say that whenever I make a list of them at the beginning of the new year I truly do have the best of intentions.  Intentions that eventually fizzle and by a few months in I can’t even remember what the resolutions even were…..In fact, I know I have even blogged about this very phenomenon before.

Intentions, goals, resolutions.  I have them, lists upon lists within my sleep deprived brain.  So off the cuff here are two of them and maybe by March I’ll still be working on them and MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, I’ll even be able to proudly reflect upon them by the end of 2013.

1.)   “You need to get your butt back to school.” – This line was delivered to me in a very matter of fact way.  My reasons for continuing to hold off dismissed in the very same manner.  There wasn’t even any judgement in his words or tone of voice, just a very clear opinion that the time for taking a break had come to an end.  The conversation caught me off guard but the realization that he is right caught me even more off guard.  I plan on taking one class come Spring quarter.  We’ll see how it goes and go from there.

2.)  “You need to find a way to nurture yourself” – This prescription was handed out by my Dr.  Currently my favorite form of therapy is photography.  In 2013 I will dedicate more hands on time to actually learning how my camera works and in enjoying the process of learning.  I’m not quite sure how this will occur but I’m working on a plan and I’ve decided that I will make the time.  Deciding is the first step right?

When I allowed the idea of resolutions for 2013 wash over me recently these two are the ones that came instantly to mind.  So, I’m going with it.  There won’t be a huge, overwhelming list this year.

Now that doesn’t mean that I don’t have other goals and desires that I’ll be working on….There are a ton of others, eat better, get to a healthier weight, get more financially secure just to name a few.  We should always be working on bettering ourselves shouldn’t we?

What’s on your list?

– Colleen Marie

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Wednesday At The Barn

My current favorite:

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The Missed Shot

In Susanville, CA there is a great little ice cream joint complete with a walk up window and RC Cola sign out front.  They serve the best twisted cones I’ve ever had the joy of eating (vanilla twisted with caramel…mmmm).  While waiting for our frozen goodness I noticed a couple of young girls in Mennonite style garb.  Their homespun dresses and sensible shoes in contrast with the store bought purses hanging cross-body over their shoulders.  Nothing fancy, mind you, just one of those small details that reminded me that they are of two worlds.

Quietly they talked with covered heads bowed towards each other as they patiently awaited their time to order.  I sat, also waiting, for my companions and our ice cream with my camera in my lap.  I found myself wondering about them.  Amish?  Mennonite?  Penn Dutch?  I’m fascinated by people and their stories but these two especially since somewhere in my motley heritage are some Penn Dutch ancestors.

I wanted so badly to snap a pic of them.  I took the lens cap off, put it back on, took it off.  Maybe from behind as to not be too intrusive?  Should I ask?  Somehow I thought that the words would be too loud and rude in such a small space and yet to snap a picture on the sly seemed even more rude and intrusive.  Which is funny since I’ve taken candid pictures of random strangers in public places before.  This time and these two just felt different.

So instead I sat, lens cap back on, curiosity unsatisfied but politeness intact.

I can’t help but wonder and mourn the loss of a story not to mention the shot.


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Snaps – Getting There

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Mine can be summed up in one phrase:

and that my friends, is huge for me.
I hope that in 2012 you dream big, sing outloud, dance when the mood strikes, love with all your heart, take time to enjoy the little things, and be blessed with so much that you just can’t help but share.
Love you,

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Cell Snaps – Signage & A Message

Tacoma, WA

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Thankful – Little Things, Vintage Things & A Good Friend

Today I’m thankful for the small simple pleasures.  Starbucks Peppermint Mocha in a holiday cup, A discount coupon into an antique show (from a stranger in line), family and friends who appreciate thrifted and vintage gifts & the perfect shopping partner to go poke around a little antique show with.

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